WakeUpNow Surpasses 100,000 Customer Benchmark.


WakeUpNow Surpasses 100,000 Customer Benchmark.

A social distribution company based in Utah, WakeUpNow was founded in 2009, as of recently it has announced that it’s managed to surpass the 100,000 customer mark.

Keeping Up.

WakeUpNow has gained traction by offering a high quality digital, physical and consumable product that is priced aggressively to compete against the general market. The e-commerce platform allow independent distributors the ability to earn commissions for sharing products with others.

“It’s been exciting to see the explosive growth of our customer base,” said President of WakeUpNow Jason Elrod. “Our customers are motivated and passionate about the products we offer and they are sharing that enthusiasm with others.”

WakeUpNow’s most popular product is called Thunder, a nutritional energy drink claiming only 10 calories and an infusion of antioxidants and healthy energy. Sales of Thunder have exceeded expectations. The initial factory production of Thunder sold out more then thought of during April 2014. A shipment feature a new can designed will during the middle of May. Customers can also expect additional energy drink flavors to be included to the line later during the year.

“Our goal has always been to put the highest quality products in the hands of our customers,” said Chief Executive Officer Kirby Cochran. “Thunder has shown the world that energy drinks can be both healthy and affordable. We plan to disrupt numerous other product categories in a similar fashion in the near future.”


The digital offerings from WakeUpNow include WUN Finance (a personal financial management app), WUN Speak (language learning software), WUN Local (providing discounts at local business), WUN Protect (providing online identity theft protection and computer security services), WUN Vacation Club (providing wholesale pricing on hotels, timeshares, and cruises), and much more. These products deliver customers viable benefits and measurable savings.

Furthermore, WakeUpNow has seen a positive response to the Dealstream, which brings high-quality brand-name products to WakeUpNow customers at discounted prices. From home appliances to consumer electronics, customers are locating many of the products they already buy at amazing prices.

WakeUpNow uses a direct sales model to distribute its products and services. While many direct sales companies focus on recruiting, requiring distributors to purchase start-up packages, and charging up prices to cover commission costs. WakeUpNow aims on making its products and services available to everyone at prices competitive to general market while also paying commissions for those sales. Individuals that are interested in participating as independent distributors may do so at no cost.


In order to meet the steep increasing growth from the past 18 months, WakeUpNow has apportioned a substantial amount of its revenue and other capital towards improving its capability to scale and expand its business line. These capital expenditure have bee allocated to increasing employee base, broadening its management team, developing proprietary nutritional and digital products, developing physical inventories of consumable products, and further developing proprietary nutritional and digital products, and further developing its proprietary back office software platform and e-commerce platform

“We are building the foundation and infrastructure of WakeUpNow to become a global, iconic company,” said Elrod. “Our investment into our products and corporate operations is paving the way to support our exponential growth. WakeUpNow will be a legacy company.

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