Wal-Mart Set Out To Satisfy Hunger With Yumprint.


Wal-Mart Set Out To Satisfy Hunger With Yumprint.

Wal-Mart has recently decide to acquire an online startup Seattle-base company by the name of Yumprint as a means to provide their customers with access to a variety of recipes and planned meals.

Background And Plans.

Yumprint was founded sometime back in 2011, it runs a website and mobile application that will allow consumers to search for any kind of recipe that reaches over a thousand food blogs, as well as how to plan meals and calculating the nutritional information. It can also help the user create a grocery list, so no more written paper will be needed, just make sure to have their handy app downloaded on a mobile platform.

Walmart has mentioned that Yumprint will become a part of the companies e-commerce division @WalmartLabs based in San Bruno, California. it will be used as a part of Walmart To Go, currently piloted delivery system that is being tested in Denver, San Francisco, and San Jose areas. Walmart To Go will allow shoppers to use tech in order to have grocery’s delivered to their homes or make the available to be picked up for free at participating stores.

The Goal in Mind.

The Vice Presedent of global products for Walmart. com has commented on the creators and founder Yumprint, Chris Crittenden and Wes Dyer that he, “had a vision for how technology can improve the way all of us discover and prepare our meals.”

“Their website, iPhone app and browser extension are among the ideas they’ve brought to food lovers, helping them discover, search and save recipes from any website. Chris’ and Wes’ ideas and ambitions for transforming the grocery shopping experience match the global opportunity Walmart enjoys in the space, and their accomplishments with Yumprint just scratch the surface of what we’re going to do next together.”


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