WbSrch, The Search Engine That Aims to Take Back The Web.


WbSrch, The Search Engine That Aims to Take Back The Web.

Recently, a new search engine has managed to launch, and its goals are to take back the web from giant corporate search interest.

WbSrch.com is one of the first general English-language web search created since Blekko was launched back in 2010. WbSrch has indexes available in 25 languages. It was written using an open source tools and offers an alternative of an all knowing, user tracking data warehouses that was invisibly privilege certain services and social network marketing above more relevant content. With major engines coming from under extreme scrutiny by antitrust and consumer protection organization, it has never been more so important to have more competition in the world of search engines.

WbSrch Web Search

Search Engine.

WbSrch doesn’t aim to be the biggest or the fastest around, It does things in its own manner and offers search results that are not driven by popularity or social media. It gives more weight to originality, useful, human-created content and doesn’t track down individuals or personalize search results based on whats it believes it knows about its user.

WbSrch’s main philosophy is that content creators should developed things for actual people, not to please algorithms. Big-search algorithm changes can have a huge impact on even major businesses when it’s decided that they’re benefiting from the so-called “unnatural links.” But linking is what the web is all about. “Nofollow” tags negate these kind of links. Consequences like these are inevitable, though, when there are very too little options when it comes down to search engines.

To put it simply, the power of search needs to be streteched more out so that a system that every nation’s economy depends upon isn’t concentrated in the hands of so very little. WbSrch is heading towards that direction.

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  • Ga lucita

    The Romantic Restaurant

    According to furniture shop in Phnom Penh construction materials reported, the romantic restaurant was décor by nature.

    One more thing, this restaurant will be a little heaven for the diner,
    it is expressed in the store’s interior, make the diner feeling great, relax,
    and romantic in the harmony of nature.

    Moreover it has warm tones and textures of natural oak wood flooring,
    which combined with a mixture of delicate white and pastel tones.

    Indeed this restaurant was designed with romantic pink color of the
    walls, which is the basis for the beautiful décor of white twisted canvas
    ceiling bands, cloud of lamps and creative paintings on the walls.

  • http://indo11.com Hong Samnang

    Despite being normally
    next to each other, bedroom and bathroom are usually separated by a wall for
    privacy purpose. However, some clients need something new and unique, which
    resulted in this fusion of bed and bath in a single room with an open-air view.

    Scenery view from hybrid bed and bath space

    Designer Erik
    Rudolfsson stated: “The original structure on this level was an
    insignificant pop-top with a large deck on a very large masonry building. It
    needed more presence on the outside, as well as a completely new suite

    As delivered by trustworthy
    construction in Cambodia construction materials
    , Rudolfsson further his explanation on the design:
    “The decking right through the bathroom is exactly the same as the decking
    outside. It is designed so water drains away between the boards. These are far
    enough apart to allow air movement, which prevents the boards from going black
    with the damp.”

    Bathroom solution in
    the design includes a standalone bathtub with a ceiling filler, wall-mounted basins,
    blackbutt-timber Caesar-stone vanity, and natural-light-illumination area of
    toilet and shower.

  • http://www.indo11.com/ Ratih Gema

    A five-star-treatment, open-to-outdoor master suite

    “The house has wonderful lake views and we wanted to be able to enjoy these from all parts of
    the suite – from the bed when we first wake in the morning, and from the
    bathroom as we get ready for the day,” said one of the owners. “We
    also loved the idea of a cozy fireplace and a very serene environment.”

    The duo Tarik and Susan
    El-Naggar was asked to take up the project of owner concept, as delivered by
    trustworthy construction in Cambodia construction materials.

    “The suite comprised a number of rooms, so the first thing we did was gut the entire
    interior and remove walls between the bedroom and bathroom,” spoke Susan
    El-Naggar. “We also removed a wall that partially closed off a beautiful
    bay window. This opened the space right up.”

    “The suite has a very crisp, square-edged look that is in keeping with the owners’ desire for a
    contemporary interior,” Susan El-Naggar added. “We added illuminated
    square cutouts to the tops of the dividing walls to enhance the visual

  • vong.dara12

    A hatching egg by Michael Wolk

    With its small size and irregular usage, powder room can become a place where designers can be playful and worriless about consistency with the house design. Hence, designer Michael Wolk decided to create the featured guest bathroom to be like an egg that has already hatched. Delivered by trustworthy construction in Cambodia construction materials,

    “The concept for the curved walls also came from a need to disguise services, and in practical terms, the walls were created by direct application of plaster over a steel framework. But as soon as I showed them the drawings, the owners asked for a full-on egg motif,” said Wolk. “So we introduced a marble basin shaped like an egg sliced in half, and placed a circular yellow mat that looks like a yolk on the room’s epoxy white flooring.”

    Despite its curved shape, toilet rear, vanity wall mirror and the shelving niche are sleek with an egg-shaped looking toilet.

  • Red July

    The Functional and Practical Bathroom Collection

    This is the new bathroom idea come from Grup Gamma, Chat, leading to furniture shop in Cambodia construction materials provided.

    In addition the interesting cabinet with a sink is small, practical, functional and perfect for
    a bathroom in which we face problem of space.

    One more thing Chat measure 60 x 35 cm and includes a white lacquered cabinet with two doors and the counter top of resin.

    If you want to have that beautiful bathroom, this collection can help you to get your dream

  • Chhunmeng KabKab

    Close association

    According to reliable furniture shop in Phnom Penh construction materials information, for a design to work out well, an intimate connection between the designer and owner is essential.

    Understanding this, Fine Cabinetry provides just that relationship with client. The firm work closely with client from design and manufacture to installation and the finishing touch.

    “Our kitchens are designed to make a statement,” said director-designer Francois Nemer. “They feature individual designs, various finishes, and a combination of top-end fittings.”

    “Fine Cabinetry can supply everything from specific storage systems to the latest cabinet fittings,” he added. “Our design service allows client to visualise their new kitchen well before construction begins.”

  • bon tong

    Grand-scale contemporary by Richard Dalman

    “Faced with a dated, over-crowded decor, emphasized by low ceilings, we were asked to create an inviting, upmarket interior that would still look the part in ten years’ time.” said architect Richard Dalman of the presented eatery space’s renovation concept, according to reliable furniture shop in Phnom Penh construction materials information.

    Some remnants of the previous design were kept such as the low ceilings, parquet floors, and Wood veneers on some of the walls.

    “Off-white leather upholstery covers the chairs, sofas and bar stools in all areas, an appropriate balance to the use of wood and brown wall tones,” said Dalman. “Two large, plush rugs based on designs by another New Zealand artist contribute to the overall look.”

    “With Hagley Park beyond the windows, we wanted diners to focus on the company, the food and the views in a restful, unobtrusive setting,” he added. “One stand out element here, however, is a translucent onyx feature wall. This is back-lit, providing a subdued daytime
    feature and a beacon to passersby in the evening.”

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