WeCam The Video Chat App That Connects Friends Through Social Media.


WeCam The Video Chat App That Connects Friends Through Social Media.

WeCam has recently announced that launching of its new socially integrated WebRTC video chat application that will allow users to discover and connect with individuals who share in similar interest to them, from any place around the world.

Social Connection.

The WeCam application will allow users to be able to connect with other social media site, like Twitter, Google+ or Facebook and uses its patent-pending matching algorithm to search through social media data to find any compatible matches all over the social networks. The advance search option will also allow user to sort through gender, age, relationship status, locations, and interest, so the user can find someone they are looking for quickly and easily.

WeCam has also prided itself on its Location-aware feature that allows the user to view who is currently online and who is close b at any given time. Future releases will also be including the ability to connect through other social networks and increasing the amount of people for video calling up to 4 users with only one screen.


WeCam differs from other chat applications, by offering a host of innovative features leveraging OpenTokTM, a real-time video communications platform from TokBox, a division belong to Telefonica Digital.

“WeCam™ was established to be a leader in the space of mobile video calling and communications using WebRTC,” says WeCam Inc. President and CEO, Rob Whent. “We have made investments over the last year that have resulted in a world-class product. The choice to utilize WebRTC and the OpenTok™ platform to power our app has proved to be invaluable.”

“We are very excited to launch WeCam™ at a time of such heightened interest in online chat applications. A location aware, socially integrated app that lets users connect with video via a cross-platform app is the future of video calling,” says company President and CEO Rob Whent. “We’ve created an application that combines simplicity, state-of-the-art features, privacy, advanced search functions and most importantly, a place where like-minded people can easily connect and discover the joy of video chat.”

The WeCam application is currently free to download and has been made available internationally through Google Play and App Store immediately. The app supports devices running on Android Version 4.0 and above and iOS version 7.0 and above.

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