WeChat Will Soon Allow Users To Make Money On Their Platform Through Ads


WeChat Will Soon Allow Users To Make Money On Their Platform Through Ads

WeChat one of the most popular messenger mobile app worldwide will soon allow users to make money on Wechat’s platform through targeted ads. WeChat is known for more than just messaging. The app launched a game center last year with their own mini games ranging from strategy games to puzzle games. Millions of people are on the platform daily. Aside from the addictive gaming features, Wechat also has a status update center. The status update center works like Twitter, where you can post up a micro status, picture, video, or audio file for your friends to see. One unique thing about their microblogging system is the amount of privacy it has. For example, you can only view the person’s microposts only if you are on their friend list. It doesn’t stop there though. It gets a bit tricky when a third person gets involved in the conversation/comments. If say my friend Jane is on my list and she makes a micropost. Then her friend Jennifer comments on it, I wont be able to see Jennifer’s comments, but if Jane decides to reply to Jennifer’s comments, I can view Jane’s comments but not Jennifer’s. A bit confusing, but that is how Wechat likes to keep things private. There are other features such as in game app stores, virtual currency, and many more.



WeChat has been expanding even further lately. Some of the new extensions include news reader, payment for taxi, shops and many more. One of their future’s installment is an advertising system. The new system will allow anyone with an official WeChat account to place ads in their content and make money from clicks. The company is using an e

merging mobile advertisement technology named Guandiantong. According to Tencent, wechat’s parent company, the results have been excellent. Tencent Guangdiantong director He Yanjie says that a ten-day experiment saw a click-through rate of 3.5 percent on average on those ads. Tencent mentioned that they will not take any revenue out of this and the owners will receive all the earnings. At least not yet. WeChat began its ad tests last month, and the service will likely roll out fully a little later this year. This would be like having google adsense or another ad network preinstalled onto your blog.


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