Wellframe Raises $1.5M Funding From Leading HealthCare Investors.


Wellframe Raises $1.5M Funding From Leading HealthCare Investors.

In another lifetime, every patient would be able to be sent from from the hospital with a nurse following them to make sure the patient will follow the instructions and continue to monitor any negative symptoms and answer concerns that may appear. Unfortunately, the healthcare industry cannot oblige such a costly program.

Solving Health.

Although, Boston-based Wellframe may have come up with a solution, and as of today it has announced its recent raise of $1.5 million in financial funding for its product and service that combine mobile technology and artificial intelligence to connect healthcare providers and patients once they have bee allowed to return home.

The Investors involved in this round included, Athena health chief executive Jonathan Bush, Draper Fisher Jurvestson’s Tim Draper, president Sir Sabaratnam Arulkumaran of British Medical Association, former Accenture global managing director Russ Nash, Fidelity Biosciences venture partner Carl Byers, and Leering Capital founder and managing partner James Nahimy.

Wllefram has also became part of health-tech accelerator RockHealth’s fourth graduating class, although the company had mostly participated remotely. Chief executive Jacob Sattlemair of Wellframe has described is as a “GPS navigation system for patients.”

Staying Connected.

The company’ mobile application sends a daily to-do list to the patient with items such as medication reminders, various questionnaires to monitor for symptom, along with an exercise tracker, which will utilize the smartphones accelerometer. The artificial intelligence and machine learning engine Wellframe created and then adapted to the application’s content based on the answers and data inputted as well as the care regimens prescribed by the patients healthcare provider.

The healthcare providers can easily monitor their patents and adjust any treatments and interactions, such as scheduling doctor visits, adjusting medication dosage, intervening in emergencies and so forth.

“Right now the standard is to get a phone call every two weeks,” Sattelmair said. “We help patients feel cared for.”

Wellfram has been conducting clinical trails with cardiovascular pulmonary, and as of recently mental health patients. Although, Sattelmair commented that the typical scenario for which Wellframe is most suited for are the ones where something significant, Such as new medication or need to be admitted to a hospital, has happened and the patient requires more attention and care.

The founding team, made up of a group of public health scientist, a primary care physician, and two computer scientists, originally came together with no mind is sort for a particular business plan, but had been united by a much larger dream of improving the health’s of patients management and their relationship with their healthcare providers.

“It’s a good time to be an entrepreneur in healthcare,” Sattelmair said.

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