Wellspring Ideas Launches Travel Pocket to Prevent Theft While Abroad.


Wellspring Ideas Launches Travel Pocket to Prevent Theft While Abroad.

Wellspring Ideas, LLC in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin has launched Travel Pocket, an accessory that is worn rather than carried so it cannot be secretly stolen the way a wallet can. Travel Pocket’s RFID blocking material defeats electronic pickpocketing, or the scanning of credit cards and passports.


Frequent traveler, and new United States citizen, Leo Vitangcol invented Travel Pocket after a trip to Spain. Vitangcol illustrated the necessity that mothered the invention.

“Our tour guide told us to leave our valuables in our hotel rooms when we went out to view a parade. He said, ‘The best pickpockets in the city are out there waiting for you!’ I set my mind to creating an elegant solution that would be worn, not carried, so it couldn’t be lifted away by a skilled pickpocket. It would be worn under the arm so it could be easily hidden by a jacket or sweater and it would be adjustable and elastic to be comfortable in every situation.”

Travel Pocket on white shirt, keeping valuables safe from pickpockets.


Modern technology allows thieves to access credit card and passport information without actually stealing the items. The equipment needed to electronically scan credit cards and passports is readily available, or can be made by the thief. Even a cell phone can be modified for use as a scanner. Dave Clark, Vitangcol’s friend and business partner, was on vacation with his wife Donna when she became the victim of electronic pickpocketing.

“The only credit cards the thieves got hold of were the ones that Donna never took out of her purse. They simply scanned them right through her purse. All of a sudden her cards were being charged in several other states,” said Clark. “Travel Pocket’s RFID blocking technology is so important. If we can help people avoid the pain and hassle of closing and reopening all their accounts, and the feeling of being violated, let alone the bills that get racked up, then what we’re doing is worthwhile,” he said.

Vitangcol and Clark started Wellspring Ideas, LLC in Menomonee Falls, Wisconsin to bring Travel Pocket to market. Travel Pocket is made in America from all American materials. The partners are seeking to place Travel Pocket in retail stores that cater to travelers. Travel Pocket is also available at http://safetravelpocket.com. Travel Pocket is patent pending.

Travel Pocket in use keeping money, passport, credit cards and tickets safe while traveling.

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