Wendy’s Launches A Mobile Payment App For Its U.S. Restaurant.


Wendy’s Launches A Mobile Payment App For Its U.S. Restaurant.

Wendy’s has recently rolled out a program that allows their customer to pay using their smartphone, somewhat similar to other establishments have pulled off. Dublin-based Wendy’s has been testing a mobile payment option for the past year and has said that the majority of its roughly 5,800 locations ready to accept this payment method. These recent moves show that fast-food chains are trying to appeal towards younger customers by gaining their attention with their love for their phones.

“If they want to come in and give us business, we want to allow them to pay the way they want to pay,” Craig Bahner, chief marketing officer for Wendy’s, said interview with Businessweek .


Meanwhile, competitors like McDonalds have also noticed the recent importance of mobile payments, but is currently still in their testin phase after hiring its first chief digital officer previously in October.

While the company is known in the industry for its scrupulous planning for any changes. But during a recent investors conference, Pete Bensen the Chief Financial Office noted that they would have to do things  “a little bit unnatural for McDonald’s” for them to stay on top of the digital trend.

“We’re going to have to put some things out there that we know are not 100 percent perfect. But if you wait in this space until everything is 100 percent figured out, then you’re going to miss the whole opportunity,” he said.

Meanwhile, Starbuck has managed to continue pushing for more customers to sign up on their apps and loyalty program, with 14% of their purchases being done from mobile payments. The company has mentioned that customers who have signed up for the app tend to visit more.

“You look at the numbers that Starbucks puts out, and it’s pretty amazing,” said Brandon Rhoten, vice president of digital at Wendy’s.

In order to pay with Wendy’s app, customers must first tap on the app to pull up a six-digit number and tell it to the cashier, rather then scanning their device.

“That’s a real benefit when you think about cars going through pickup windows,” Bahner said.


This rollout follows along Wendy’s preparation in revamping its image to be similar to chains like Panera Bread, which charge more than ordinary fast-food chains do. This push has also included the remodeling of its restaurant to have a more inviting feel, as well as more menu choice, such as Pretzel Bacon Burger, which cost more.

The rollout comes as Wendy’s works to revamp its image to be more in line with chains like Panera Bread, which charge a little more than traditional fast-food chains like McDonald’s and Burger King. That push has included remodeling of its restaurants to have a more inviting feel, as well as the addition of menu items such as the Pretzel Bacon Burger that command higher prices.

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