WePopp Amazing Integration With OpenTable Featured On Their App.


WePopp Amazing Integration With OpenTable Featured On Their App.

A French Starup by the name of WePopp recently launched an application that can help people plan any kind of event, hangout, meetings, trips and dinners with friends and family. Trying to plan an event can be quite difficult with either parties being far to indecisive in choosing when said event should be or taking place from. Phone calls and hours of discussing and booking the trips on some location can be far too troublesome for most people to deal with. Luckily, with the launching of WePopp new app this should solve many problems for both iPhone and Android users.

Announcement and Features.

WePopp Recently announced a feature that comes with their application that will allow the user to book at any nearby restaurant using the OpenTable services.OpenTable is another social service in the US that allows the user to book at hotels and restaurant on demand.

WePopp gives you verity of options to choose from about what kind of meeting the user shall have. Some examples are the choice of either sport, meeting, conference weekend trip and wide option of events to pick from the apps interface. After the meeting has been set, the user can select there friends from the menu list and send them an invitation to the created meeting. After the invites have been sent, the friends will instantly receive the event and allow them to confirm if they can attend. The listed people are now allowed to discuss, cancel, confirm, approve and even edit the venue, timing, and other options for the meeting.

Rising Popularity.

After everyone has settled on an agreement all that left is a push of the approve button and everything is set. Compared towards other event planning apps, WePopp has been celebrated as one of the smoothest and best to use app for event planning and syncing, right after Doodle and Rundavoo, which are currently one of the most popular event planning app around.

OpenTable integration makes things far more easier for users who need to plan events while on the go and are to busy to do so during the hustle and bustle of the day. According to various sources WePopp has also managed to raise around $6,220 from Google to grow its services.



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