Whisk Gains The Attention of American Shoppers.


Whisk Gains The Attention of American Shoppers.

Whisk.com, the free, award-winning recipe and shopping list tool, today announced that US downloads of the Whisk iPhone app surpassed downloads from users in UK where the company is based. Whisk’s smart shopping list app enjoyed a 1200% increase in Apple Store downloads after the enhanced version of Whisk was made available on June 11. Whisk is featured this week as one of the “Best New Apps” in the Apple App Store’s food and drink category.

Shopping List.

Available as an iPhone and Android app as well as a browser plug-in, the Whisk app helps users around the world discover, organise and enjoy food. Whisk’s popular “Create Shopping List” button delivers shopping list capabilities onto any recipe site. With a click of a button, Whisk transfers all recipe ingredients into a handy shopping list that can be uploaded to online supermarket carts, viewed and items checked off on a user’s mobile device, be emailed or printed as a paper list.

Using Whisk Cards, users can add additional grocery list items to their recipe shopping lists, as well as save lists like ‘Staples’ or ‘Favorites’ to have easy access to a list of frequently-purchased grocery items or often-cooked recipes.

Whisk is currently partnered with some of the largest recipe sites including Allrecipes and FoodNetwork, linking millions of shoppers to more than 250,000 recipes.


Whisk is the brainchild of Nick Holzherr, who raised funding for the venture after pitching the business to Lord Sugar as a finalist on the 2012 BBC TV series The Apprentice. Nick was recently named Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year by Business Insider.

Holzherr, CEO of Whisk, said: “The surge in app downloads and the more than 16 million impressions of the Whisk button across an ever-growing catalogue of recipe sites, shows a healthy appetite for Whisk’s shopping list capabilities. We help food lovers to be inspired by new and exciting recipes and Whisk makes cooking simple and cost effective, with minimum time and effort required.”

Last week, Whisk unveiled WhiskAds, a unique platform that gives food manufacturers the opportunity to showcase brands at the start of a user’s cooking journey. Whisk has already partnered with a number of leading brands, including McCormick, Unilever and Nestle.

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