Whistle, The Dog Tracking Devices That Ensures Wellness For Dog Lovers.


Whistle, The Dog Tracking Devices That Ensures Wellness For Dog Lovers.

The leading pet technology brand, Whistle just revealed today, its next generation of pet monitoring devices, dubbed WhistleGPS. The startup is inviting its community of user and dog lovers everywhere to participate on a one-for-one campaign to suppor the Morris Animal Foundation, whose mission is t improve the health of the world’s animals, including the beloved dogs. One in four dogs over the age of two have developed cancer, affecting millions of dogs owners within the U.S. each year.


As of today, individual will be allowed to pre-order WhistleGPS, a sleek device that attaches itself to the dog’s collar and tracks their current locations. WhistleGPS also monitors a dog’s daily activity, and then wirelessly sends the key information to the owner or the vet’s smartphone. For every WhistleGPS that is sold between May 21-28, a total of 3,000 devices, Whistle will donate a device to the Morris Animal Foundation Goldenn Retriever Lifetime Study, this revolutionizing research program examining the leading cause of dog cancer.

“As we are following the lives of our 3,000 Golden Retrievers, Whistle can provide our study with essential insights and data we could never have accessed before,” said David Haworth, CEO of Morris Animal Foundation. “The Golden Retriever Lifetime Study is the first study of its kind which aims to uncover the root causes of cancer in dogs and advance how we diagnose and treat this pervasive disease. Whistle gives us unprecedented visibility into these dogs’ lives to bolster our research into better protection of dogs against cancer.”


Pet owners can use the WhistleGPS to pinpoint their dog’s exact locations and make sure their pets are receiving the correct amount of daily activity through a mobile application available for their smartphones. Its the smallest device of its kind, making it possible for a variety of breeds to wear it. Furthermore, it also offers the longest battery life and cost less than half the price of other pet tracking devices. These features have made it become the most accessible and simple to use device for pet owners who wish to ensure the health and safety of their dog.

“Whistle is solely committed to strengthening the relationships between dogs and owners, and we believe that better understanding our pets’ health is critical to that bond,” said Ben Jacobs, CEO of Whistle. “Partnering with Morris Animal Foundation is a natural extension of the passion and mission behind the Whistle community. By donating a WhistleGPS to the Golden Retriever Lifetime Study for every device pre-ordered this week, we are able to rally our incredible community of users around a cause that hits home for dog owners everywhere.”

To participate in this campaign May 21-28, individuals can pre-order a WhistleGPS for $49 online at the Whistle main website, through a limited time offer powered by Crowdtilt open. For every device purchased, one will be donated to the Morris Animal Foundation Golden Retriever Lifetime Study, up to 3,000 devices. WhistleGPS will ship starting summer 2015.

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