A Whole New Way To Discover The World With Social Media Findery.


A Whole New Way To Discover The World With Social Media Findery.

Social media are very important in today’s society, with its ability to share news about the world that surrounds us instantly. Of course those messages are allow received by people who we follow or anyone they follow.

Behind Findery.

The creator behind such websites as the photo-sharing site, Flickr, has recently found a way to get pass those hurdles with a  new map-based social discovery platform that has been dubbed Findery.

Taking a look inside Findery, one wil discover a world made up of blank canvas. By exploring one can find geo-tag notes on a map to learn about the insights and experience from various people around the globe. Users can post either private or public notes with knowledgeable facts, personal stories, and even unique perspectives, that can be done through either a text, video, and soundbites. The application will then annotate and organize the information based on the location.

The social network will be using the currenet location of the user to find interesting notes in the nearby area, making it easier to find stories and photo based on the users experience.

“Every place has a story, or a thousand stories,” Fake said in a statement. “Findery brings places to life, be they where you stand or where you hope to go.”

A Trip Around the World.

Members can also create a curated collection of notes about various themes,topics, or location by using Notemaps. An example would be “Lost Los Angeles” or “Punk Rock in Chicago”, and using them as a traveling dairy, bucket list, or it can be used to simply record a trip

At the moment some notes and notemaps can be found on Findery, which include NYC Memory Map, Tacos, Dubai Details, And Surfing Sirens. The launching is currently only in English But Findery will be supporting other languages during the next couple of months. .

The app is available now for free download in the Apple iTunes Store.


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