Wifi Marketing Might Be The Next Startup Trend


Wifi Marketing Might Be The Next Startup Trend

The amount of mobile wifi users have increase by since 81% since 2012. 5-6 years ago, it was a bit difficult to find wifi in public places, now you could go to almost any store or shop and have the ability to log onto a public wifi. Wifi marketing occurs when you first log into the wifi. Remember the last time you were at Starbucks and connected to their wifi? A screen should have popped us asking you to accept. After accepting and connecting you will be prompt to a quick ad. This ad can last 15 seconds or a minute. That ad is wifi marketing.

Wifi Marketing

Wifi Marketing isn’t new and it actually has been around for quite some time. The reason why I think wifi marketing might be the next big startup trend is because it is almost mandatory for a regular user to watch the ad when connecting to the public wifi. With more and more regular users connecting to wifis at public spot, it will be a matter of time before top companies or startups take advantage of it for advertisement.

wifi marketing

On a computer ads can be blocked easily. It will be much more difficult for a regular user to block ads on mobile and near impossible on the wifi ads. The only reason why wifi marketing wasn’t as popular a few years back is because not everyone adopted to the cell phone’s limit data at that time. Back then, all the phone carriers had unlimited wifi and now almost all of them have a limit. More and more people are going to shops just for their wifi.

I believe that wifi marketing has one of the highest conversion rates because your required to watch it. The reason why a lot of ads on the internet does not convert is because regular users tend to skip the ad. They either ignore it or click the skip ad button. If the user watches through the entire ad, chances are that the user will convert more.

I can imagine seeing more and more wifi marketing ad network startups being created in the next few years. Imagine all the advertisers that would like to advertise for more conversion and imagine all the small coffee shop owners that want a little extra cash. Startups could make it so that the user has to watch an ad every 15 min or so. Even though that might be quite annoying, but it is still an effective revenue model.

Hotspot 2.0

One of the best features about Hotspot 2.0 is it’s ability to look for wifi before a phone network. That means that each time you walk into a coffee shop, your phone is already automatically connecting to a wifi. As soon as you load up your google chrome or whichever browser app you use, you will be prompt straight to the ad screen. This is taking wifi marketing to a whole new level.

wifi marketing

Apps And Wifi Technology

Google glass is a hot trend right now for the tech world. Many startups have been started with the goal of building the next big Google glass app. It is said that wearable technology will dominate the world by 2020. All those wearable technology will need to connect to the internet somehow and public wifi will be their best option. Imagine all that wifi marketing you could conduct to market directly into the consumer’s eyes.

We recently have been seeing a bunch of emerging apps coming from the shopping category. For example there are currently emerging startups that are working on apps that help consumers locate coupons while they are shopping. Imagine how important it is to have wifi in those situation. This is where wifi marketing will be extremely effective in drawing people’s attention. Even the slightest ad could draw attention at that point.

As I mentioned above, it is almost mandatory for hotels, coffeeshops, restaurants, and other public places to have wifi. I remember I went to a coffee shop in SOMA downtown San Francisco. Their coffee was excellent and the interior design is amazing, however the shop barely had any customers. I logged on Yelp, and saw that there were a lot of negative ratings about the shop not having wifi. Wifi is extremely important and most people won’t complain about an ad appearing on the wifi login screen.

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