Will Developers Follow With Samsung SDK Release For Wearables?


Will Developers Follow With Samsung SDK Release For Wearables?

Samsung has recently released an SDK for their Tizen-based smart-watch, With their latest batch of wearables currently using Tizen, Samsung’s very own proprietary OS, which is currently limited to their ambitious wearables. This move is quite intreguing due to Samsung never releasing and SDK for their previous wearables, but it is a very smart decision to pull, with all the recent surge of competition from various potential competitors.


The Glaxay Gear, which currently runs on the Android operating system, Samsung has limited the device for only themselves. Though this could lead toward it meaning more apps can be utilized on the device, They had decided to keep the Galaxy Gear out of the hands of developers, for unknown reasons. Now it seems that Samsung is lessen their tighten grips and allow other a chance to work on the wearable.

Soft Launch.

With this release of the SDK for Tizen, Samsung has pretty much soft-launched their operating system to the world. If Tizen can be showed to work well with Android, developers may be more open to create for future Tizen devices. It could either lead towards additional wearable and even smartphones or tablets. For the moment, it seems Samsung is going to try and build up an ecosystem around the wearables to compete against others like Apple and Pebble.

In this recent wearable market, Samsung is currently the undisputed king, with having sold more devices than any other OEM. The change to Tizen for their wearable is quite interesting, but currently signals a more controlled approach from them. The SDKwill be available today from Samsung’s site, so interested Developers should go ahead and take a look.


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