Will Nha Nha Dominate Vietnam And Kick Out Google Maps?


Will Nha Nha Dominate Vietnam And Kick Out Google Maps?

Nha Nha is a Vietnam based startup mobile map app that is based in Vietnam. The app was created by a startup company named Cốc Cốc, which also runs a top rated Vietnamese web browser and a Vietnamese search engine. Recently they announced the release of a local director/map base map named Nha Nha that will take on the known Google Maps. Looks like they’re planning to take on Google and push them out of Vietnam or at least supress them like Baidu does for China. nha nha

Nha Nha

There’s almost nothing at all special about this app. It’s quite similar to Google and Apple’s maps. The only key difference is the enormous amount of database this app has. People estimate that Nha Nha covers at least 3 out of every 5 Vietnamese restaurants in Vietnam.  That’s pretty strong coverage for such a new startup. In terms of GPS functions, it follows and pretty much tailors Google Maps. As of now, the app currently has over 120,000 downloads. Numbers are continuing to rise by the minute.


The interface is simple and easy to use. It has 18 different types of venues that you can choose from, such as hair salons, banks, ATMs, or gas stations. On tapping a designated type of venue, such as a gym, you will be directed to a map with your current location pinpointed, filled with nearby gyms. You have the option to select either car or walk nothing in between. The screen is quite easy to navigate and seems extremely clear. Loading speed is fast and accurate.


This is where Nha Nha’s applications aren’t strong enough. Nha Nha only has walk and car which isn’t nearly as strong as the other features Google Maps offer. There also isn’t any “guided” gps. It only has a list version similar to the older days of using Mapquest or something similar with a list of directions instead of a voice activated GPS system. Nevertheless the app is extremely accurate and can pinpoint every little store which is amazing. Google maps can’t come close to that, especially not in Vietnam. nha nha1

Extra Features

Nha Nha allows you to pin places to a clipboard. It’s a simple and straight forward bookmarking list. From the list you can choose to get directions, give a call to the shop, set reminders, view information, and many more all from one list. Nha Nha is bilingual, and you can switch between English and Vietnamese with just one tap. The app is also optimized for iOS 7 in both performance and aesthetics. The startup plans on expand their service and might work with Vietnam’s yelp called Foody. Is this enough to kick Google Maps out of Vietnam? It might be…

Get Nha Nha at the links below: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.itim.nhanha https://itunes.apple.com/vn/app/nha-nha/id787044618?mt=8


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