Will RolePoint Change The Way HR Works?


Will RolePoint Change The Way HR Works?

RolePoint is a London based startup that creates full Human Resources social software for businesses and corporations to use. RolePoint combines in depth analytics along with a strong filter system to make the recruiting process for HRs much easier.


Rolepoint doesn’t just help recruiters stay organize it also helps job candidates go through a simple and easy job hiring process.  The startup uses advance technology to matche relevant roles with potential candidates in the social networks of current employees. In its first month of alpha testing, Rolepoint claims to have tripled the employee referrals for open positions and filled 78 percent of the positions posted. Companies saved an estimated $250,000 in recruiters’ fees. Rolepoint believes that recruiting and HR managing shouldn’t be difficult, so they created Rolepoint for more employee engagement.


The startup received early investment from top notch angel investor and firms. Its angel investors are a top-notch group, including influential Russian investor Yuri Milner and Innovation Endeavors, the firm founded by Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt.

It has a similar system to Linkedin, where you can invite your friends or “find” friends to send give you a referral opportunity.

Recruiters say targeting passive candidates, or “talent poaching,” is essential for young companies that haven’t built up a reputation yet, though it can be challenging and there are potential risks.

Startups “won’t have a lot of inbound applicants like Coca-Cola or GE,” says Cindy Lu, co-founder and chief executive of recruiting services firm Novo Group in Milwaukee, Wis. Thus, they need to “be more aggressive, and never sit around waiting,” she says.

It seems like Rolepoint is adding more and more features to their platform to make it more engaging. Recently, they have implemented an award system which allows employees to win rewards for good referrals.

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