WillCall Expands Its Music Concert App Toward Los Angeles.


WillCall Expands Its Music Concert App Toward Los Angeles.

Everyone’s concert experience just got even better with this latest hi-tech app. WillCall offer users apps for concert that the has been described as a “unified transaction layer for live music.” By combining concert discovery, ticket sales, merchandise and bar tabs, Willcall has managed to expand pass San Francisco and New York with its recently announced official launch for Los Angeles. The company has decided to celebrate this momentous occasion with its first WillCall Pesent show in LA, starting March 27 at Bootleg Theater

Grand Expansion

WillCall was first launched back in 2012 and based in San Francisco as a concert discovery app. They later expanded to New York after a year originally launching and continued too add more exciting features such as ticketing, merchandise and bar sales.

WillCall has been described as the “very first unified transaction layer for live music” with its growth focused on connecting its customers and venues, Will call is making tremendous progress in developing a product to address associated needs.


With the previous recent launching of bar tab, WillCall had announced its expansion towards Los Angeles today, with Donnie Dinch, Founder and CEO, having this to say:

“Since we first launched, people have been asking us to get to LA. It makes sense. The music community in Los Angeles is one of the best in the world, and we’re pretty humbled by how openly they’ve welcomed WillCall to town. We’re excited to help our venue partners here grow their businesses, and to be sure every single person in LA dances just a little bit more every night.”

WillCall is free and available on Android and iOS devices. To increase its awareness in its new LA venue and stir up some dancing, WillCall will be throwing a launch event during March 27 at Bootleg Theater. Miami Horror will headline with a DJ set and Bartab will be fully enabled.

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