Wispa iPhone App Has Launched Into the American and UK Market.


Wispa iPhone App Has Launched Into the American and UK Market.

The Wispa iPhone application has now become available for both the US and UK market, marking it a a huge move for the small Israeli-based company who has only recently started offering their free iPhone application for matching sellers with purchasers on social networks, making the process of finding apartments, phones, computers games and practically everything needed every day much more easier, faster and lots of fund.


The Wispa iPhone application allows iPhone users to search items or apartments by category, proximity, price and many other filter option, helping them to find the things they are passionate about and being communicating with the seller directly by using their preferred social network, all of this available on their very own phones.

The Wispa iPhone application will notify the user in real-time when an item they have been searching for appears within the social circle through the use of push notifications. Furthermore, A brand new feature was included, User will now be able to download a photo of what they wish to sell and immediately spread it towards all of the relevant social networks with single tap.


Wispa has developed its own distinctive, innovative technology that matches Social Network users according to their specific needs. Wispa allows its users purchases and vend their items, socially.

“The Wispa iPhone App allows users to browse through thousands of items that are usually buried deep inside their social networks” commented Netanel Teicher, CEO of Pair App Ltd. “Users can find exactly what they are looking for – apartments, cars, phones and other gadgets, the moment they are posted on social networks- and all from the comfort and convenience of their mobile device!”

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