Wix Acquires Appixia to Provide Code-free Solution For Entrepreneurs.


Wix Acquires Appixia to Provide Code-free Solution For Entrepreneurs.

The leading global web development platform known as Wix, has announced as of today that it has acquired an Israeli startup named Appixia, a platform for building native mCommerce apps. This acquisition will support thr company’s plan on strengthening its technology and the depth of its offered products.

Hand In Hand.

With the two companies working together, they will be able to provide a code-free solution that will empower small businesses, entrepreneurs, and other individuals into build up a online presence. Appixia allows retailers to profit from having the benefits of a native mobile app by making the usually complex and costly development process much more affordable and manageable.

Wix’s cloud-based platform provides a easy solution for all business to receive their online need, whether it be, website creation, business management tools, mobile solutions, eCommerce capabilities, third party app integration, and much more. Appixia’s technology introduces another layer to Wix’s products and both of them complement each other company.

Further Improvements. 

With Appixia, the platform will allow user the chance to build and launch a featured mCommerce application for both iOS and Android, which can be used to set up features like barcode scanning, push notifications, GPS, Credit card scanning and plenty more. After Wix launched its innovative mobile adaptive solution, the company had more than 1.6 million websites created from its Platform. Wix users keep on creating an amount of 30,000 new mobile site everyday, making it one of the quickest mobile site builders on this world. With its recent acquisitioning of Appxia, the company’s capabilities will help drive the company even further.

“Appixia is the perfect addition to the Wix platform. It truly embraces our mission of bringing the most function-rich and innovative technological solutions to users, regardless of their technical ability or budget,” said Avishai Avrahami, Wix’s CEO, Co-Founder and Chairman. “Native mobile apps are a huge part of managing and promoting a business online. Expanding the range of mobile solutions we provide our customers with is a strategic focus for Wix, and by integrating Appixia’s technology we can more quickly boost and further diversify our mobile offering.”

“We were in the midst of our first funding round when the Wix opportunity came up, and we immediately saw the natural fit,” said Yigael Berger, CEO and Co-Founder of Appixia. “Wix is a household name, and the idea that the technology we built can serve over 42 million users is thrilling. It’s a huge opportunity that will let us fast-track our dream and expand our offering in new and exciting directions. We’re proud graduates of the Microsoft Ventures Israel Accelerator program, and the first participating startup to get acquired. We couldn’t be more grateful for this program’s contribution to our success.”

Both companies has as of yet to disclosed on the agreed upon acquisitioning.



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