This World Will Soon Turn Into A Drone Party


This World Will Soon Turn Into A Drone Party

About three months ago, Amazon announced that they are working on a project to make package delivering easier and faster using drones. The service is called Amazon prime air, which will deliver a package to you in less than 30 minutes using a drone. Might be a bit overwhelming to see a bunch of drones flying around in the air. Today Netflix announced a video dvd delivering service that also uses a drone. As soon as you order the DVD, a small high tech drone will fly to your house and drop off the DVD.

As seen in the video, the drone will fly anywhere! Even when your in the bathroom, kind of freaky if you ask me. The way the drone works is that you can choose to either have the DVD delivered to your home or you can use a location based service on your mobile phone and the drone will fly to you. The drone has a built in camera so that the operator can monitor it’s movements and location.

amazon drone

This could be huge for future technology and a big innovation as well. The main concern is how the government will legalize this and how the government will regulate the drones. We can’t have 50,000 drones flying around the city at the same time. For the consumers, does this mean that we will be seeing lower shipping cost? Will the drone change how future startups work? We won’t be seeing the drone release just yet, but if Amazon and Netflix are going to be sending drones around the world, then other big shipping companies might hop onto the boat as well. Soon enough, this world will turn into a drone party!

Here is Amazon’s demo video of a drone:


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