XacFaq Brings The Pop in Pop Culture With Their New App.


XacFaq Brings The Pop in Pop Culture With Their New App.

XacFAQ a mobile startup developer has decide to launch a live application that acts as both a quiz-show and magazine, for smartphones and tables that shows off all the latest pop culture in the United States.

Triva-Quiz Fun with Trending Topics.

Xac USA:2014 is a application for triva-quiz that is constantly updated and turns every trending topic into a fun and entertaining question and hilarious observations. In order so show how powerful this piece of tech really is, the game will be updated live during the 86th Academy Awards, which will be on Sunday,March 2nd. The questions will be gathered from the various events and result that will happen during the Oscar ceremony.

“We get so much information on our devices, we’re giving you a new, fun way to digest it all,” said Jon Dean, President of XacFAQ. “If you’re a fan of pop-culture, Xac USA:2014 is your quick, daily trivia fix. It’s up to date like a website, a fun way to stay informed like watching Colbert.”

Xac USA:2014 Amazing Features.

What makes the Xac USA:2014 even more fun is the ability to play with it either solo or with a group of friends, with all sorts of recent daily topics about the USA which includes, sports, movies, technology, and television as well as an added bonus of “Specials” that will follow the coverage of sporting events, holidays, and awards shows. All kinds of topics will be added to the app which include the 50 states, and pets of he USA. It will also come with a US Civics test for any new immigrant who needs to pass and wishes to use the feature as a means to study.


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