Yahoo Crazy Acquisition Spree Continues On With Vizify.


Yahoo Crazy Acquisition Spree Continues On With Vizify.

Vizify seems to have caught the tech giant known as Yahoo attention with its recent announcement of being acquired by the tech giant. The analytic company has commented on its service will be shutting down it sign up and purchase paid plans. This will include services being shut down for currently existing users. Although some positive news for those who have paid Vizify’s premium prices.

Refunding and Instruction.

The company will be reissuing a “full refund for every thing you’ve paid Vizify”, and that it will also be providing instructions for those who wish to know how to move their registered domains away from the service. Existing users will also be allowed to “archive a snapshot of their current bio,” Vizify said. For those not familiar with their services, let me offer you a simple example.

Vizify shows the user a visual representation of any social networks and also provides an overview of the various interactions that has been committed by the user, such as using Twiiter, or looking through videos. Twitter has also used this service in sync with its #Followme Feature that has offered all sorts of photo reels, Vine videos, and tweets.

The Future Road.

Both companies have currently withheld any information on how much it was paid to acquire its service, and its still a current mystery on how Yahoo will be applying the teams skills. Although from whats been found on the company history for Vizify, the company seems to have the most successful month during Dec. 2013. with an additional 100,000 new accounts being created, which shows that it at least has a history of growth.

Vizify has sworn that will use the tools provided by Yahoo to improve its visual approach to data while working with the company. Who know’s where this tech might lead to, maybe another social media giant to appear on the web.


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