Yahoo In Current Talk to Acquire Startup Firm RayV.


Yahoo In Current Talk to Acquire Startup Firm RayV.

Yahoo seems to have another item on their shopping list. Yahoo has recently decided that they may bolster their fledgling Screen video service by trying to acquire RayV Inc, A California startup that’s working on improving high-definition streaming.


Marissa Mayer, CEO of Yahoo, is currently trying to close a deal with RayV, according to the report done by the Wall Street Journal, although, specific details of this recent acquisition still remains to be disclosed. If this deal does manage to successfully go through, its will most likely be that Yahoo will fold RayV technology into their Screen, Yahoo’s attempt in rivaling Google and its Ubiquitous YouTube Platform.

The move to purchase RayV comes form the a set of Yahoo’s most recent fauluris in acquisitions bids. During the previous year, Yahoo made an attempt to purchase French streaming site Dailymotion as well as the online TV hub Hulu, but both deals had went down hill. As of most recently, Yahoo had barely any more success, entering talks with YouTube network Fullscreen Inc. and New Distribution Network Inc.


Ever since 2006, the Los Angeles-based RayV has managed to develop high-definition cloud-based video streaming that could vastly improve Screen’s performance. RayV has claimed signal strengths superior to that of YouTube as well as support for mobile platforms, as content management systems and analytics tools.

Furthermore, with its software bolstering Screen, RayV could lead to increasing Yahoo’s reach into Israel, which has become a thriving sector in the past years. Both Yahoo and RayV have research-and-development center Tel Aviv. If the deals goes through, RayV would join three other Israeli companies purchases by Yahoo, those being, Dapper, FareChase and Foxytunes.

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