Yiftee Announces The Launching of Localized Gift Pass.


Yiftee Announces Launch of Localized Gift Pass.

An Award-winning web/mobile gifting service, and the Town of Danville, CA, Yiftee, are jointly announcing that they are creating a shopping at favorite local spots easy with the all new “Danville Gift Pass.” This partnership with Danville is the first of many works, to help develop the shop local efforts in two across the country.


Shopping local helps develop local prosperity. More dollar will circulate within the local community, supporting the character of the shopping district bringing people together, creating even more local jobs, and providing better and more personal service.A well-supported business environment strengthens the downtown and can increase home values and creating much better schools.

Local business such as realtor use the Danville Gift Pass as a convenient way to show off their wonderful downtown shopping area and stay in touch with their clients, and potential clients. Corporatiosn use it to reward employees and reinvest in their local communities in one fell swoop. Shopping locally is an investment in a community’s future.

Gift Pass.

Everyone will be able to purchase the Danville Gift pass online for visitors and residents of Danville, write a persona message and immediatly deliver it through email or text. Recipients can choose from on of the forty and growing participating merchants in Danville, or mix it up and spend it on multiple Denville locations. The Danville Gift Pass is a awesome way to appreciate a collegue or client, celebrate a friends or family member, and thanks a coach or teacher.

“The Town of Danville has been searching for a Town-wide gift card solution to promote local shopping, dining and gifting in our community. Yiftee’s online gifting service is the first business to provide such an opportunity, with no cost to the merchants. It was exciting to develop the Danville Gifting Network, and the business community is thrilled to have an easy and convenient gifting solution for customers and residents to shop local,” says Jill Bergman, Economic Development Manager, Town of Danville.

It’s easy and quick for merchants to join the program. They need only go to the site and sign up. All merchants in the Town of Danville who sign up will automatically be included in the Danville Gift Pass. The gift delivery is powered by Yiftee, and gift redemption is powered by MasterCard. So, if a merchant accepts MasterCard, they require no additional equipment to process Yiftee gifts.

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