Yum Yum Videos Animated Video Production Releases “Explainer Videos”.


Yum Yum Videos Animated Video Production Releases “Explainer Videos”.

This week Yum Yum Videos animated video production company announced the release ofExplainer Videos: The Ultimate Marketing Tool, their brand new guide aims to help marketing experts, entrepreneurs and startup owners to enhance their marketing campaigns with the help of animated marketing videos.


Following the success of How to improve your Marketing Campaign (the previous Yum Yum Videos’ guide, which explained the basics of online video marketing); this new eBook delivers deeper but otherwise comprehensive knowledge on the different styles of animated videos, the video production process and more. Karina Sacco, CEO for Yum Yum Videos, says that “this guide dives deeper into the online video process and delivers thorough advice and relevant data for any entrepreneur or startup owner to make the best of their marketing campaigns” and also points out that this new eBook is “an essential handbook for anyone in the online business who might already know that an explainer video is a great tool, but may not be aware of how or where to use it to actually boost their marketing efforts”.

Ever since explainer videos became a vast growing trend over the last years, companies all over the world started embracing online video content due to its exceptional marketing benefits. Yum Yum Videos’ main goal is for companies to learn about marketing videos directly from an expert voice, based on field expertise and real data.


Among many smart marketing tips and pages of first-hand knowledge, this second eBook hands over new information for anyone in the online business, such as:

  •     The styles of explainer videos and how to choose the right one for any kind of business.
  •     A detailed walkthrough of the video production process.
  •     Advice on where to place an explainer video to make the best from it: from landing pages to social media and email marketing.
  •     Tips to integrate explainer videos with any kind of marketing campaign.

With an informative yet enjoyable style, Explainer Videos: The Ultimate Marketing Tool stands out for being a clear and direct problem-solver marketing video guide.

Yum Yum Videos has created hundreds of animated marketing videos for more than 30 countries in 15 different languages, and their clients range from new technology startups to big brands like American Express and Heinz. The release of this second all-in-one eBook by corporate video experts will help to spread vital field knowledge and make old and new companies understand the true marketing reach of video content.

Overall, Explainer Videos: The Ultimate Marketing Tool is an eBook for every company to have, because it helps online businesses to give the right approach to their marketing video strategies and also encourages startups and entrepreneurs to research for their selves and expand their knowledge towards more thoughtful decisions.

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