Yum Yum Videos Production Company Releases New Animated Video.


Yum Yum Videos Production Company Releases New Animated Video.

Yum Yum Videos corporate video production company has just released a new animated video that display the most popular video marketing styles. This video, which is already being shared throughout the web from hosting services like YouTube and Wistia, was specially crafted for startups, entrepreneurs and online companies to be aware of the latest marketing trends and learn the basics on how to select a video style that best represent them as an online brand, according to their target audience composition and type of product or service.

Karina Sacco, CEO for Yum Yum Videos, explain the importance of the new animated video in a few words: “Starting from a straightforward question, ‘What is the best explainer video style for your business?’, our animated video leads anyone in the online business through a short but compelling journey to be aware of the right selection process of a marketing video style. What some may not know is that not any kind of video will fit any brand or product, or target for that matter, so this process must be quite conscious-driven. We simply want to enlighten their way.”

Best style of explainer video


The video explains four main techniques of animated explainer videos and which among them would be the most suitable for some kind of companies, product or services, and target audience. The styles delivered throughout the video are as follows:

  •     Screencast videos
  •     Cartoon style videos
  •     Whiteboard animation
  •     Motion graphics


Online brands have been using some of those explainer video techniques for their marketing campaigns over the last 5 years, due to their online visibility and conversions benefits but basically because they have found that video content is one of the most original and engaging ways to promote their product and services to a wider audience, one that needs straightforward messages – similar to the ones social media offers them – and a more personalized and close marketing communication. Yum Yum Videos’ brand new video aims to encourage startups, entrepreneurs and online companies into this marketing approach so that they consider applying it to their online campaigns.

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