Zombicide 3, The Most Funding Board Game On Kickstarter, $2.84M Funded.


Zombicide 3, The Most Funding Board Game On Kickstarter, $2.84M Funded.

CoolMiniOrNot in conjunction with Gullotine Games is proud to announce that Zombicide: Season 3, Rue Morgue has successfully funded to the tune of $2,849,064 on Kickstarter. Topping Zombicide: Season 2, by nearly $600,000, Season 3 represents CoolMiniOrNot’s most successful campaign to-date.


After launch on July 29th, Zombicide: Season 3, reached its funding goal of $100,000 in just under seven minutes, and was featured on Kicktraq’s Hot List for every day of its 27 day run. Each backer pledged an average of $237 for copies of Zombicide: Season 3 and its accessories.

With just over 12,000 backers, Zombicide: Season 3 owes its success in part to providing gamers with the features they want. Team-based solo play, optional PVP rules, and a host of new weapons and abilities make Zombicide: Season 3 a fully functional game in its own right, not simply an expansion. This accessibility contributed heavily to the Kickstarter’s rousing success.


Zombicide Season 3 is also the most funded boardgame in Kickstarter history and is amongst the Top 20 Funded Kickstarter projects of all time – setting a new bar for future boardgame projects.

From the award-winning studio Guillotine Games and publisher CoolMiniOrNot comes the latest progression in the Zombicide universe. Zombicide: Season 3, Rue Morgue puts the players in the middle of a full-blown zombie apocalypse. Players fight wave upon wave of ravening hordes to acquire items and level up amidst an escalating struggle to get out alive. New, expanded rules and options give players the ability to use Zombicide: Season 3 across any Zombicide game, including new skills and weapons, team-based play, and optional PVP.

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