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Zuli, a San Francisco based startup, is making your life easier and safer by creating a product that will help you monitor your home while you are away. With Zuli, you will not have to worry about your kids forgetting to turn off the lights. In other words, this is a remote control for your house while you are away. Zuli just finished their kickstarter campaign and raised over 175,000$.

Zuli’s demo video:

The idea with Zuli, then, was to combine smart plugs and proximity smarts into a single device. That’s where the Bluetooth comes in. By incorporating a Bluetooth Low Energy radio into every smart plug, Zuli effectively creates a mesh network that can track you, via your smartphone, throughout your home. With three or more Zuli units plugged in and your smartphone in your pocket, the system will know whether you’re in the bedroom, the bathroom, the living room or the kitchen and can respond accordingly.


Zuli mentioned on their website that they will be releasing an Android version later this year, but currently now only supports Iphone 4,4s,5 . This looks quite promising and shows how technology and startups are evolving.

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