Zynga’s Outstandingly Announces The Mobile Version of FarmVille.


Zynga’s Outstandingly Announces The Mobile Version of FarmVille.

Zynga Inc has recently decided to try and and dominate the smartphone and tablet market after there successful run with their social video games on the PC. The company will be introducing “FarmVille” and “Zynga Poker” to the mobile app market, to determine if the company can still stay relevant.

Zynga’s Ambition.

After becoming a successful hit on Facebook for the past five years, the company had decide to roll out the first mobile version of “FarmVille” onto the global market in the coming months. “Zynga Poker” and “Words With Friends” applications for both iOS and Android device will also receive and update’s as the San Francisco based company seeks to secure its foundation, before introducing new titles later in the year.

Chief Executive Don Mattrick, has decided to take Zynga and change the dynamic of the company by focusing on games for the phone and tablet market. Previous management had decide to stick exclusively towards Facebook, in pursue of real-money gambling. While many mobile games tend to be free to download, developers have been making money from  purchases made for virtual items within the app and advertisement.

“We know what we need to do as a business is create hits and sustain them,” Mattrick said. “The team now understands that’s the to-do list.”

Recapturing fans.

The new “FarmVille 2: Country Escape” will created to attempt its recapture of over 400 million people who previously played the farm-simulating game since it came out for computers back in 2009. The mobile version will offer former players in-game currency and the ability to shift virtual commodities such as water an sugar between the Facebook and mobile versions.

“We still have a huge, loyal following, and we’re now bringing ‘FarmVille’ to mobile in a really reimagined, mobile-first way,” said Jonathan Knight, a Zynga vice president in charge of the title.


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